Oxford Poetry XVI.I

Tobias Ross-Southall was commissioned by The Oxford Poetry Magazine to create the cover and inner sleeve artwork for their XVI.I 2015/16 issue.  Taking inspiration from the poems featured, he captured a series of images which reflected the tone and spirit.

With poems from D. Nurkse, Stephanie Zingeler, Abigail Parry, Rosemary Badcoe, Matt Riker, Jenny Xie, A. E. Stallings, Alison Winch, Jordie Albiston, Alamgir Hashmi, Ned Denny, Sean Borodale, Frank Klaassen, Pierre Antoine Zahnd, Roy Patience, Sarah Lindon, Stephen Scott Whitaker, A K Blakemore, Miranda Green, Robert Selby, Mary Jean Chan, Andrew McCulloch, Rowland Bagnall, Ko Ha, Paul Stephenson, Maryanne Hannan, Seán Hewitt, Jennie Malboeuf and Clive James.  With reviews from Leaf Arbuthnot (on Kim Addonizio), Jess Cotton (on Anne Boyer, Juliana Spahr and Karen Weiser) and Andrew Wynn Owen (on Angela Leighton).

I Shall Die On An October Afternoon, 2016

Under Scumbled Skies Of Verdigris, 2016

Alone Together, 2016