Post Human III x Los Angeles

The third in a series of global group exhibitions curated by Tobias Ross-Southall.
A cross-continental conversation between 19 contemporary artists from Mexico, Tel Aviv the USA and the UK.
The exhibition was held at Jagarhaus, Los Angeles. Assistant curator Jack Lewis.
Flyer artwork by Polly Brown.
You can view a highlight video here :

Polly Brown
Ink & Bone, 2022
16mm film

Jack Lewis
A Hot Summers Day At The Watering Hole, 2023
Oil and pastel on canvas
60” x 48″

Niall O’Brien
205 #13, 2022
Giclee print
27” x 33″

Igor Revelis (KLONE)
(Re) Cognitive Optimism, 2020
Spray paint on cotton
54” x 41″

Hayden Kays
Falling In Love, 2023
Acrylic on canvas
24″ x 36″

Winston Willingham
Untitled 2 (Wave collapse), 2023
Acrylic , pencil, and oil stick canvas
25″ x 30″

Tobias Ross-Southall
Nuevos Animales X (Triptych), 2023
Indian ink on raw canvas
51″ x 95″

Tobias Ross-Southall
Follow Me (Diptych), 2023
Watercolour on raw canvas
27″ x 79″

Evan apRoberts
Melissa Ascending a Staircase, 2017
Ink on paper
9″ x 12″

Beni Single
Chico Delfín, 2022
Acrylic, house paint and pencil canvas

Jack Murray
A Place In The Very Hot Sun, 2022
Acrylic and Ink on re-worked parasol fabrics
78″ x 78″