Post Human II x Mexico City

The second in a series of global group exhibitions curated by Tobias Ross-Southall.
A cross-continental conversation between 16 contemporary artists from Mexico, the USA and the UK.
The exhibition was held at Dolores 54, Mexico City. Assistant curator Christina Zhara.
Flyer artwork by Alba Hodsoll.
You can view a highlight video here :

Polly Brown
Ink, 2023

Arturo Dib
Guerrero Águia, 2022
Brick and obsidian
31 x 21 x 19cm

Francisco Diego
El mundo es de los rifados, 2022
Fundición en bronce
120 x 60 x 60cm

Ángela Leyva
Modelo B, 2023
Lenticular, enmarcado con acrílico
45 x 32cm


Sloane Angell
Mushroom Cluster, 2023
Stoneware and glaze
58 x 20 x 20cm

Tobias Ross-Southall
Shadow Banned, 2023
Watercolour and charcoal on raw canvas
150 x 100cm

Alba Hodsoll
Two Hearts Inside, 2022
Oil on linen
30 x 40cm

Christaan Felber
Bittersweet, 2023
Installation view

Christaan Felber
Bittersweet, 2023

Christaan Felber
Bittersweet, 2023

Ugly Intelligence, 2023
AI video loop